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25,000Tk/One time
  • Online Barcode Registration
  • Qty/Pcs: 25 pcs
  • Fast time charge- 25,000
  • Annually charge- 5,000Tk


45,000Tk/One time
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  • Qty/Pcs: 50 pcs
  • Fast time charge- 45,000
  • Annually charge- 7,000Tk


85,000Tk/One time
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  • Fast time charge- 85,000
  • Annually charge- 10,000Tk


185000Tk/One time
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  • Qty/Pcs: 500 pcs
  • Fast time charge- 1,85,000
  • Annually charge- 15,000Tk

What is Barcode?

Barcode is a kind of machine-made code. Barcodes are also called Morse code. Scientist Morse’s father. When you go shopping in big shopping malls, you will see some black marks on the small paper attached to the thing where the price is written. Which looks a lot like this. A small device is connected to the computer through which the red light comes out.

The name and value of the item are transferred to the computer as soon as the black spots are touched. This barcode is mainly used to make a big calculation. In fact, a barcode is a code that is almost impossible to read without an instrument! Holding the device will tell you what is hidden in the barcode. There are several websites through which barcodes can be created and read.