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WHMreseller Master License

License Name


WHMreseller Master Reseller Plugin per monthUSD 3.75 $, BDT 300 Tk.
WHMreseller Master Reseller Plugin 6 months USD 19.75 $, BDT 1600 Tk.
WHMreseller Master Reseller Plugin 12 months USD 38.75 $, BDT 3100 Tk.
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Master Reseller Features:

Create/Delete/Suspend/Modify Sub Resellers (WHM accounts)
Create/Delete/Suspend/Modify Sub Reseller cPanel accounts
Manage Sub Reseller Access/Quotas/Bandwidth/ACL/Features/IPs & more
Unlimited limits Option (if activated by root)
Upgrade/Downgrade and move accounts between Sub Resellers
Comprehensive Migration tool:

– Migrate full remote WHM Reseller accounts using reseller password
– Migrate remote cPanel accounts using cpanel password
– Displays migration progress with option to cancel or retry

Comprehensive Backup tool:

– Backup/Restore accounts on demand
– Rsync backups to a remote server on demand (only changes are sent, low bandwidth)
– Setup Automated Rsync’ing of all backups to a remote server daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly
– All Backup/Restore functions can be performed on individual or multiple accounts
– Download function to transfer a backup to your home PC
– Restore “backup-xxx-xxx” and “cpmove-xxx-xxx” files

Comprehensive New SSH Terminal Emulator:

– Intergrated seemlessly with browser
– Realtime character input, each key press is captured
– Fully Interactive, edit with nano, view ‘top’ and more
– Switch instantly through all your user ssh terminals

Grant/Deny users SSH access (if activated by root)
AutoGrant WHM Reseller Rights to cpanel accounts
CSF IP removal (clearing) function
Bulk Emailer to contact all your clients at once
Password Reset any client account
New Resource Stats reporting, CPU/MEM/MySQL
New Graphical Stats Chart displays and interface design