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How to Install Webuzo

How to Install Webuzo

Webuzo is also suited for Web Developers who use various PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby Apps. Our main goal is to help save your time so that you can conentrate more on your work and less on maintaining Apps. You can deploy webuzo on a VPS (Virtual Private Server), on the cloud, in your office (using Virtual Machines)

Follow below steps for complete installation (using CentOS):
Install fresh 32 or 64 bit OS (better to use CentOS 6.x)

# yum update -y

reboot server.

Before we proceed to setup, we need to remove apache from our server. Usually apache installed by default on the server conflicts with Webuzo’s apache resulting in the “Internal Server Error”.

# yum remove httpd -y

below command for raw installation

# wget -N http://files.webuzo.com/install.sh

# chmod 0755 install.sh

# ./install.sh

Now wait for few minutes for installation. After completed the raw

installation will see like below


Now need to complete initial setup now. Go to http://youripaddress:2004 and
you will see like this and fill up the form. Then click to Install button.
You can get a free license from here


Now wait for completed Initial Setup. After completed will see like below

Your Webuzo is ready now. If you face “Internal Server Error” on your hosted site then you have to uninstall apache from server and reinstall.

To remove apache, run following command.

yum remove httpd -y

If you need to remove and reinstall apache after webuzo installation then first use above command and after that remove and reinstall from webuzo panel .

For better performance you can use nginx instead of apache. Go to app section from. Follow below steps.


Remove Apache from below


Install LEMP Stack. It will install with nginx.


Check nginx is installed or not. If installed then will see Remove button in nginx app. and leave this area. If not insalled then install it.


Remove php 5.3


Install php 5.4

Now you need to configure nginx for url_rewrite (htaccess). Follow below SSH command
vi /usr/local/apps/nginx/etc/conf.d/common

Add the following codes end of the file.  (this code is for most common WordPress. if you use other script then please contact their help center for nginx configuration)

location / {
index index.php index.html index.htm;
try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;

Now restart nginx.

service nginx restart

Your are completed

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